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For Marshall Amps MR 1960 A,1960AV, 1960AX, 425A/MC412A. Material: PVC. Colour: Black. ... For the Marshall amps TSL122 / TSL602 / JVM410C / JVM210C / JVM205C Combo ...
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To ensure the ultimate in flexibility, four of Marshall's standard 4x12's are switchable from mono [4 or 16 Ohms] to stereo [8 Ohms per side]. These are the 1960A/B and 1960AV/BV. Heavy duty castors are fitted as standard to all Marshall full size 4x12's to ensure that these cabinets are ready to roll without rocking.
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Regarding the title, I have AB'ed this thing; against both of my other amps: A Carvin V3M 50 watt all-tube head connected to a 1x12" Carvin Celestion V30 cabinet, a Marshall JVM410H 100 watt all-tube head connected to a 4x12" Marshall 1960AV Celestion V30 cabinet, and a Line 6 Helix processing unit.
Lot Of: Marshall 1960AV 4x12 Amp, Marshall JCM-200 Triple Super Lead, Casio LK-94TM Keyboard With Stand, Etc This half stack includes the Marshall JVM410H Tube Amp Head and 1960AV Vintage Speaker Cabinet. JVM410H Tube Amp Head In a nutshell, the Marshall all-tube, 4-channel JVM410H 100-Watt tube head is the most versatile Marshall amplifier ever made. It also boasts more gain than any other Marshall to date - and that's really saying something! See which musicians and artists use Marshall 1960TV, including Paul Gilbert, Philip Jamieson, Jonny Wickersham and 3 others. Marshall 1960TV reviews & where to buy it. Music Producers Guitarists Drummers Bassists DJs Rappers Composers Keyboardists Singers Podcasters Ukulele Players
100 Marshall Jcm 1960av Cab Dsl Head 2000 (45.5% similar) It has been said that the lower frequency response of the 1960av has a tuneful quality. Barely used, has never seen a gig. Features two channels classic gain and ultra gain crystal clean to massive crunch switching on the classic gain channel lead 1 to lead 2 switching on the ultra gain… Marshall JCM 800 Head and 1960AV Cab Half-Stack Package. The sound of this set of audio equipment is more of a straight rock sound like old Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, AC/DC, and so on, rather than the modern highly fx-processed sounds of players such as Steve Vai, Satriani, and Petrucci. Hence the Marshall 1960AV. I used to have a 1960BV, and I probably should have kept it. I really like those speakers. They have the effect of removing that Bogner blanket, even when thrown into a Bogner cab. They should be nice and bright with plenty of mids for my wet rig.
Oct 11, 2003 · When I bought my 1960AV, I tried everything Marshall made with my (at the time) JCM900 SL-X. I went with the Vintage-30 equipped AV because, to me, it had the best combination of sweetness and high-end rolloff without turning into mush at high volume (the Greenbacks sounded outrageous, but they really got kinda farty when you cranked a clean sound's output volume to "11"). リットーミュージックが運営する国内最大級の「楽器専門検索サイト」。楽器や音楽機材購入時の製品比較や購入情報、楽器店探し、新製品情報など楽器に関する様々な情報を提供。エレキギター、アコギ、ベース、ドラム、キーボード、サックス、ピアノなどの楽器本体をはじめ ...
Marshall 1960AV 4 x 12" (2010年製USED)【G-Club Tokyo】 68,200円. 現行マーシャルの定番Aキャビ。 フロント・プレートが外されていますが、サウンド、コンディションは良好です。 *表記は送料込の販売価格となります。 店頭での直接お引取りの場合は税込¥64,900となり ...
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